I’m heading out on an overseas trip shortly; my SO is staying home. How can I show her I’m thinking about her when I don’t have service?


If you haven’t practiced yet, start taking moments to recognize the little synchronicities you experience with your SO.

Then, you can both communicate energetically while you’re apart. Be spontaneous and have fun with the psychic messaging; by the time you're in another part of the world it will be second nature. 

I bet when you start looking for and acknowledging the little energetic signals, you’ll realize you already communicate without realizing it…like when you’re thinking of her and she calls or texts within a few minutes. You show up for a date wearing the same colors. Or maybe you both order the same dish at a restaurant.

Again - I invite you to make these synchronicities more intentional, first by recognizing the things that already happen between the two of you, and then by sending your vibes to each other and checking in later to see what each of you picked up. 

And remember to have so much fun on your trip! That excitement and exhilaration will get back to your SO, too. 

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