I recently discovered my boyfriend is married. What do I do?


If you’re not the one married to your boyfriend, then that’s saying something right there. 

Do you need more information? 

Are you involved with someone who’d truthful and above-board?


Are you involved with someone who has a lot of really great things going for them (or at least did at one time)? 


That’s why they’re already married. 

You’re not really helping your own situation by being with this person. 

If you’re looking for something that’s not going to go anywhere long-term, someone you don’t need to worry about getting close to and vulnerable with, AND you are comfortable kissing someone who goes home to slide in between the sheets of someone else’s bed…then by all means keep seeing your boyfriend.

But if you’re looking for honesty, integrity, and respect, then you’ve got the wrong person.

They’re just going to make you feel Less Than if they don’t leave the person they’re married to.

And you’re going to feel Kind Of Dirty if they do leave the person they're married to.

So you’re kind of in a situation where you need to decide where you’re at in your own life. 


Looking for a commitment somewhere in the future?

Wanting to take things to the next level?

Needing something to divert your thoughts from your everyday life?

Maybe you want the excitement. Perhaps the timing and the calculations and the conversations have always been adding up to smoothing a little short of sincere.

Or maybe not.

It’s hard being the one being lied to. It’s tough being The Other - the third - person in a relationship. And it’s not always easy to extricate yourself.

At least not right away.

But your’e worth it. 

You’re worth walking. You’re worthy of honesty. Even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. 


Tartar Sauce possible paywall

If you don't have a Microplane, now is the time to order one. It makes 'zesting a lemon' so very easy, and it also makes you look like a much-more-accomplished cook-than-you-actually-probably-are. Win-win!

This particular recipe also talks about fish. But we both know it's the sauce that makes the dish....soooo. Ya.

Did you know the word "unavailable" was first used in print in 1855?

(It's the same year "tartar sauce" was first used!)

(And "overfish")


DAD's Soundtrack of the Day was picked to go with today's question. Enjoy!

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