My Sig Other is complaining that they never see me. But I can't make more time for dates - I need clients!

Not Really


Here's the thing:

Once you start using your work as a reason to see less of a person, you're basically saying your work is more important than they are. Your work is a better value for your time.

And frankly, maybe your work is more important. It could be that you're a very in-demand person who has many clients relying on you for your expertise and reliability.

However: you can’t get mad at someone (who’s not a client) for wanting more of your time.

You can decide that you’re not willing to carve the space out for them.

You can determine that spending time with this person is not value-add to your daily life.

You can even decide that this person you’re dating isn’t helpful in your client retention efforts. 

Maybe you just move on instead?

Because you’re wasting both your time if you let things coast along. And you’re at risk of damaging future relationship potential and opportunities by using your work as a reason to not get close to someone. 

Clients are fine. Clients are great. Clients are often necessary for your livelihood and continued financial success. 

But often, at the end of the day, they’re just an excuse.


French Onion Sliders possible paywall

If you can find time to caramelize onions, you can find time to do nearly anything. I'm sure of it. Add some fun mustard and maybe a bit of sliced ham?

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