My SO and I live together; the house we’re renting will be sold soon. Now SUDDENLY WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE! Which is exciting…except that his parents are providing the down payment…and my name won’t be on the title.


So. Really?

You’re not buying a house. 

At least not together, and not with the intention of buying a house together. 

You’re letting your man dictate how he will be controlling the finances. 


Probably not. 

But what you are doing is being unfair to your future self. 

It’s super exciting and amazing and fun to buy a house together, and doing it in your own way is something that’s not even relevant for over half the people in this world. Let’s face it, sooooo many people can’t afford to buy or purchase any kind of home stability and a mortgage for a house (instead of an apartment or condo) is out of reach entirely. 

How do we reconcile this need to be badass and sovereign with the need to be a part of a couple? 

Where are we on the spectrum of things to be done and doing? 

It doesn’t make sense. 

You’re yearning to buy a house. With your own money. And with your own intuition and decision-making skills. 

You don’t want to buy a house with someone else’s name on the title. 

Don’t date your landlord. And other things I’ve come to understand.

Once you tie sexual relationships to the foundation of your house and home, it becomes a bit of a transactional relationship. 

So, my advice here…after all this rambling and tangential thinking:

Don’t sign the lease. Don’t buy the house. Don’t sell yourself short. 

You can do this.


flying baby unicorns = exactly what we wish we could be

“The day is done, I’m having fun” —Kurt Cobain

A version of this Korean Fried Chicken is what I hope to be eating in Seattle soon (possible paywall)

Wait. Graceland in foreclosure?? WTF? (possible paywall)

Now here’s the interesting thing about this article. (Two, actually):

This notary public is saying some words that sound very fishy.

There’s a quote in the center of the article that reads something like:

I have never met Lisa Marie Presley, nor have I ever notarized a document signed by Lisa Marie Presley...

Hmmmmm. [thinking emoticon]

I wonder if she was coached.

But anyway. At the bottom of the article is this!

In 2022, operations at Graceland generated at least $80 million, most of which supports Elvis Presley Enterprises. The family trust retains 15 percent of Elvis Presley Enterprises.

That’s roughly $12,000,000 income per year for Presley’s family. 

I’d be filing an emergency restraining order, too.

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How much is a pat of butter?
Graham, live on the edge
and just use your best judgment
to figure it out!

the Cooking for One recipe section just got a lot more of a singles' vibe for me. Highly intrigued re: what this means for flirting. (possible paywall)

Today’s Election Day, apparently! At least in one state.

Or is it "In at least one state?"

Hmmm. [thinking emoji]

Note to self: check on my voter registration status so I don’t have to get up out of my chair next time. 

Here's DAD's Soundtrack of the Day, picked especially to go with today's question. Enjoy!

weathered boards shining in the sun.
Boards in the sun.