I’m terrible at dating - how do I get better?


Yes, Pantsuits.

You’re terrible at dating
because you’re taking it all too seriously! 

Remember when you just went out and had fun, all carefree and windblown hair? 

That’s what you’re going for these days. You don’t need high-top tables and glasses of wine. You need things happening, activities, and challenges both mental and physical. You’re an adventuresome human….so....

go take some adventures!

I recommend reading
Year of Yes
by Shonda Rhimes

It’s sooooo good, and talks about her transformation through one simple change in her approach to life. 

You can do it.
You’re right there, ready.


Speaking of Shonda Rhymes,
it’s getting to be time to watch
the 3rd season of Bridgerton -
the first half of it, at least.

If you haven’t yet,
read the books…
there’s a whole series.

THEN watch the series later,
a different day.
You won’t miss out on the tech or costumes…
because they’re completely devoid of cell phones. 

AND in other news:

I recently had my phone stolen while on one of the loveliest trips of my life, and by the time I got things situated I was so tired of re-entering passwords on my new device that I just decided to take care of the email passwords “a different day.”

Which usually means tomorrow.

Except that:

It’s been over 60 days and I still don’t have email on my phone

I’m getting to go to a real, old fashioned computer to check my email.

It only happens a few times a day.

And it is making rethink my definition of “a different day.”


I love a good number of ppl who also love spreadsheets. I think of them whenever I see articles like this one. (possible paywall)

I love this reel so much, especially how he heads straight after the cat.

Clubs for dogs and their humans are popping up everywhere. Here’s another one.

Here's DAD's Soundtrack of the Day, picked especially to go with today's question. Enjoy!

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