I know this question has been asked to death, but how soon is too soon to go all in?


Here’s a question to answer for yourself:

How do YOU define “All In”?

To some people, "All In" means being exclusive. To others it means moving in together, or marriage. Some people view it as time to take down their dating profiles. It could be as simple as saying "I Love You."


Before you pull the trigger:

Make sure you know what you mean when you say "All In." And make sure the person you’re with understands how you define it.

A few other thoughts:

I really caution you against skipping the early phases of the relationship where you get to know one another and see if you’re compatible for the long term.

Without exploring the intricate facets of someone’s psyche early in the relationship, you risk getting deeply involved with a person who has insecurities, flaws, and financial burdens you’re not willing to take on. By going “All In” too soon, you’re risking the possibility that you’re not a good fit and it’ll be tough to extract yourself down the road. 

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If you’re wanting to go All In super quick (as your question intimates)…you may simply be afraid of being alone or being rejected.

Something to think on.

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