My SO and I have been dating for a year, and living together for several months. Should we buy a house together?


A home is a big purchase, and a big commitment. So if you’re not to the point where you can discuss right of survivorship, or if you are not financially sound enough to pay for the home on your own should he become incapacitated, then I would caution you to take a bit more time, enjoy the (relatively) easy living associated with renting, and take the next step slowly and with preparation.

Explore what it would take for you to purchase a home on your own. What it would look like if you were to die or become seriously impaired from a life-altering injury? Are you two ready to talk about wills and yard maintenance and washing machines? Are you willing to permanently combine pots and pans?

How will you split down payments, monthly payments, and possible dissolution in the event of a breakup?

Once you have a financial plan in place and a path forward that protects both of your best interests, then it’s Go Time. 

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