My partner wants to paint the walls of our house bright colors, while I’m more of a pastel/neutral. What do I do?

That's Right

This wall-painting convo seems like something to play with and see how your collaboration can make a better space together than either of you can imagine individually. 

Communication and collaboration is key here, as is having a place you can both relax and feel at home in. 

What feelings and emotions do you want each room to evoke? Is there a section of the house that’s more peaceful, and some that are more vibrant? Can you both research Feng shui and see what tenets you can agree on and share? 

The possibilities are endless - just like paint chips at the home improvement store. 

Having someone who pushes you outside of your comfort zone (which I assume they do on the regular, given the bright color vs. pastel comment you just made) is and can be a good thing.

Maybe you go for an unusual pastel in the common areas, and something more bright in the bedrooms or bathrooms. Or maybe you have a separate-then-together shopping trip, where each of you find samples of the colors considered ideal…and then get together to figure out what’s best. 

You could even have a mediator of sorts: an interior designer to help you agree on a palette that works for both of you. 

Whatever you decide: have fun with it! See what you can come up with together.

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