I want a partner who’s independent and financially stable, but I always seem to end up with someone who doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. What’s up with that?


Remember to take the time to explore your motivations behind the choices you’ve been making…rather than blignly making them over again and over again and over again. 

It may be that you need better boundaries, or are addicted to “rescuing” people and feeling needed. Maybe you really want to be with someone who doesn’t need your financial help, but you’re not sure how to be accepting and open and vulnerable enough to be confident in the fact that your’e perfect just as you are, and if you’re in the right relationship then you will be needed and nurtured without having to support them financially. 

Check out some therapy, read books such as It Didn’t Start With You, and explore your family history for clues to solving the behavior pattern mystery.

You can do this, and you cn work through your challenges fairly easily now that you’ve figured out what the pattern has been for you. 

Well done!

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