What apps do you recommend for dating?


Tired of being single? I feel you. And I also get how easy it is to think technology is the answer to your challenge.


The thing about dating apps is that you’ll still need to figure out if you’re compatible in person. So instead of endlessly scrolling apps, what I actually recommend is going out and doing the things you love. While you’re there, keep your eyes open to the possibility of meeting v. dateable people share those same interests. 

Don’t know what you love? Try some new stuff, such as:

  • Hiking
  • Alumni networking events in your area
  • Grocery shopping (in person!) at off hours
  • Joining an intramural sports league

If you’re out and about and you meet someone, then you know you can talk about this hobby/hobbies, and you’ll be able to easily see if there’s chemistry between you.

This in-person approach is more fun, more natural, and keeps us all off our phones (which is a never-quite-achieved goal for most of us). 

Best of luck!

Here's DAD's Soundtrack of the Day, picked especially to go with today's question. Enjoy!

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