Many people find themselves asking why they are still single. They will analyze everything that they have ever done in a relationship and not be able to come up with anything. You will find that this is something that can end up being a terrible thing to do to yourself. Take the time to understand what the real problems are before you beat yourself up.


So many times people will get into patterns with their relationships. Think about every guy or girl that you have dated, think about what happened and why the relationship didn’t work out. If they all start to sound familiar then you are more than likely stuck in a relationship rut. Make sure that you understand what your patterns are, what is bad about them and what you can do to change them.


You may also find that your expectations are simply too high. A lot of people will end up expecting too much out of a partner when they are in a relationship. If you get mad because your partner didn’t know what you were thinking or that they didn’t live up to your fantasy dream relationship in your head then you need to cut them some slack.

Trying too hard

A lot of the time whenever you are looking for a relationship you are going to end up not finding anything. Trying too hard can be something that will only end up making you stay single for years and years to come.