Whenever you are out on a date with a guy you will find that there are a handful of things that you will be able to ask him that will get him going. A lot of guys will go into a date prepared to play quiet and allow you to do all of the talking. Don’t let him. You will find that whenever you show interested in his interests that you are going to win him over.


Ask a guy about electronics, any electronics, and chances are he is going to want to talk your ear off. Make sure that if you are not really into electronics that you let him know this. Just ask questions from an outsider’s point of view. Ask him about his phone or his iPod. See if he likes to play video games or about his TV. This is a great way for you to be able to get a guy to get excited about explaining things to you.


Ask him if he is into any sports. Even guys that are not into sports will usually have one interest here or there that he will be able to tell you about, whether it is football, basketball or even MMA. Tell him what you know of the sport or sports that you like and you will both be able to compare your knowledge.


If a guy is successful in his job he will more than likely want to brag and show it off. You will be giving him the chance whenever you ask him what he does for a living.