Whenever you are on a date with a woman you will need to know what questions to ask her. You will find that this is something that may end up being tricky because you don’t know what are okay questions to ask and which ones are only going to end up getting on her nerves. Make sure that you take the time to understand what a woman wants to be asked whenever she is on a date.


Chances are the woman that you are on your date with is close to her family. As soon as you ask her about if she has any brothers or sisters or about her parents she will more than likely want to talk about them quite a bit. This is also a great way for you to be able to get a good idea of what type of person she is. Whether or not she has any issues with her family will more than likely come up pretty quickly.

Complimentary questions

Ask her a question that is also a compliment. Tell her that she smells amazing and ask what perfume she is wearing. Complimenting her hair or her clothing are also nice touches. Try to make a conversation out of the compliments that you pay her. It will show that you are interested in everything about her.


Ask her about her job, what she does for a living. Make sure that you listen and ask follow up questions about what it is that she talks about.

What She Enjoys

Askingabout how hobbies and interests is very important as it enables you to plan future dates. If she has an interest in movies, ask her what type of movies. Does she like to go clubbing? if so what sort of clubs. Her answers to these questions will also enable you to gauge how adventurous she is sexually, if she happens to mention that one of her favourite clubs is a swingers club she may just be looking for a sexual partner of fuck buddy, at this point you have to decide if you are happy with that sort of relationship, if on the other hand she tells you that she hates clubbing you will have to tailor future dates around more intimate dates, such as visiting a gallery or going to the cinema together.