Your body language during a date is something that is going to tell your date whether or not you are interested in them. No matter what you are saying to your date you will find that it is your body language that is telling the real story. Whenever a person is confused about how a person feels they will rely heavily on their body language.


Whenever you are interested in a person you tend to lean towards them and make good eye contact. This shows that you are interested in them and what they have to say. You may tilt your head when you look at them. This is something that you won’t even mean to do. Whenever you lean in to kiss a person you will usually tilt your head. You may also find yourself touching their shoulder, arm or their leg, the small of their back or even their face or head. Any small excuse that you could make to let them know that you are interested. You will also more than likely just want to touch them.


Whenever you are not interested in a person you will often close your body off to them. This means that you will lean away and your arms will be crossed. You will not make good eye contact and you will often not smile very much if at all. It is also common that you will not try to get close to them and you will not go out of your way to touch them.